Slip Mould Slippery

Image Mario Bertieri

Image Mario Bertieri


Performer: Becky Namgauds

Slip Mould Slippery was a work for all in: bodied exhibition in collaboration with fashion designer Sinéad O’Dwyer. The work responds to the garments, exploring the violence of troubling the object / body distinction. It considers how the specificity of Becky Namgauds’ female body, layered with the lifecast shape of Jade Bruce-Linton’s body can stand in for all female bodies and find power within the collective notion of self – body, object and experience.

all in: bodied was a love letter in the form of exhibition to the female-identifying body in motion: the way she occupies space, the infinite variation of forms she takes and the way she moves through the world and was curated by Bryony Stone and supported by Melissa. 

Melissa, Covent Garden October 2018